The Company I Keep

Cymbals & Sticks


I play drums so I can play cymbals - and I've only ever played Zildjian. Drums you can tune, cymbals you can't so they have to be perfect. My Zildjians always are.

My main set up is:

(L to R)

15" Kerope Hi Hats

20" K. Renaissance Ride 

22" K. Thin Overhammered Ride (with rivets)

19" K. Special Dry Trash Crash


20" K Light Flat Ride (with rivets)

I also use about every other cymbal Zildjian makes too. Switching things in and out depending on the gig. 



Yamaha Drums are far and away the best sounding and most consistent drums on the market... and their hardware is the greatest. It's simple, compact, light, strong, and lasts forever!

I have 3 Yamaha drum sets

1. Stage Custom Birch in Cranberry Red 



2. Recording Custom in Piano Black


3. Live Oak in Black Shadow Sunburst


I also use various Recording Custom and 

Absolute Hybrid Maple Snare Drums.

Drum Heads


What can you say about Remo? it's THE sound. It's certainly my sound. They were the first. They set the tone (and I mean tone!) and they continually set the bar in the industry.

I use all types of Remo heads but I'm partial to:

Coated Ambassadors 

Coated Vintage Ambassadors

Fiberskyn 3 Diplomats

Coated Emperors 

I also use


SKB Drum, Cymbal, & Hardware Cases

The most durable and best looking drum and hardware cases.


Big Fat Snare Drum Accessories

The coolest drum accessories on the market,  I never go anywhere without them. 


In Earz - In Ear Monitors

Incredible In Ear Monitors, with the best service. Kaysen is the best!


Whirlwind Audio

The worlds foremost audio interface company. Located in my home town of Rochester NY, their PW-1 is  awesome for drummers, and is the only thing I need or use to run my IEM's.